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Richard Harrington

Not only is Richard one of the leading experts in the world today when it comes to Adobe Photoshop — so much so that he is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Instructor Dream Team — but he is also instrumental in helping Creative COW relaunch our podcast series with his 13-part series “Adobe Photoshop for Photo & Video 2019.” We are delighted to have Richard return to Creative COW and look forward to working with him and his team in the days ahead. You can learn more about Richard by visiting the links below. 

Richard's Podcasts

You can find all 13 episodes of Richard's "Adobe Photoshop for Photo & Video 2019" by clicking on this link.

Richard's Biography

You can learn more about Richard Harrington by visiting his biography here in Creative COW.

COW Academy

Richard is also the educational chairperson of our Creative COW Academy premium training initiative.


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