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Introducing a whole new Creative COW, Bessie 2019. We like to think of it as the relaunch of the idea was at the core of Creative COW Magazine, which become such a success until health issues with our co-founder derailed it. But those issues are a thing of the past and it’s a new day and a fresh new take on sharing your stories and your accomplishments to build and promote the people who make up the Creative COW community — the cornerstone of what made Creative COW Magazine so powerful and successful. 

Our new system and interface is fresh, modern, mobile-friendly (yeah, you’re right, it’s about time), but most of all filled with the widest array of free resources for video media professionals and current as well as aspiring storytellers.

Thanks to our great sponsors who support our efforts, we are able to give you most all of our services for free. What kind of free services do we offer? You will find free service listings through which many Creative COW members have found profitable relationships over the years. There are also free job boards, along with free promotional services like press releases, and in-depth podcasts like the 13-part “Adobe Photoshop for Photos and Video 2019.”

We have some really big surprises coming in Q3 and Q4 as we continue to roll out the rest of “Bessie 2019.” Stay tuned, we’ve been working hard and think you are going to like what you see. Our beta testers have been surprised and we think you will be, too.

In this “first wave” initial roll-out, we introduce three updated sections along with four brand new services for our members. We are nearly done with the forums update and we have a number of newly updated sections ready to show up very shortly. Stay tuned. Thank you for being a part of the Creative COW community.


Bessie now comes in a convenient take-anywhere package!

For those of you who thought we’d never support mobile devices, surprise! Yes, we’re getting to the party admittedly much too late for the best snacks and goodies but replacing a broad-based 18-year-old infrastructure that has over 15 million pages and files is not an easy task. Our new engine is extremely powerful and can fully support the kinds of serious traffic levels that Creative COW has long experienced. We’re progressing quickly now and even the new forums mechanism is nearly done. We hope you like the fresh new design, functionality, and convenience. Bessie’s smiling ear-to-ear and while it’s not a pretty sight, we think the new design is downright pretty and useful, too. Moo! 

Follow Our New Feature Updates, Bug Reports, Bug Fixes, and Related News

We have dedicated a page to introducing our up-to-the-minute reports on new features and updating areas of the COW to our new system, some major updates we will announce on this homepage but others will only show-up on the updates page. On the updates page you can also learn about bug fixes and other things related to our new interface roll-out. You can also report bugs on the updates page if you personally find issues with our new mechanism. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you from the Creative COW engineering team

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Series Focus:

While many Photoshop instructors focus on features and tools, Richard Harrington also covers the specific skills and techniques you'll need for professional success. Adobe Photoshop In Photo & Video goes beyond the school newspaper or internship and teaches you the essential digital imaging techniques in Adobe Photoshop that you'll need to succeed both in the classroom and the workforce.

WhICH sections migrated to our new interface in the first wave?


We have been working to migrate 18 years of history and over 15 million pages of information and files from our old system. The old stuff is now clearly labeled and dated in our system to make it easy to filter out old stuff and search for relevant timely information. We have also been building new search capabilities into the new site that will greatly speed and simplify searches. Many of the things that people have asked for over the years, are part of this new interface upgrade.

Our new system includes a new mobile-friendly interface. Hopefully you are looking at this on a mobile because we are really happy with it but if you are experiencing issues, take a screen-grab and send it to us. We want to squash any bugs, quickly.



Did You Know?'s Alexa search engine ranks Creative COW as the 4,087th most trafficked US-based site on the internet. NetCraft's January 2018 survey (the latest survey available) reported that there are over 200 million *active* USA-based websites on the internet. That means that Creative COW is among the Top-2/100,000ths-of-One-Percent of US-based websites on the internet. That is an incredible achievement, don't you think? Moo.’s ranking for on August 19, 2019 for USA rankings was 4,087. Day ranks fluctuate from day to day. In the 2018 survey reported by Netcraft, they report that there are over 200 million active websites in the USA. By diving the smaller number by the larger, you find that we are indeed one of the top 2/100,000ths-of-one-percent of USA-based sites. As a professionally-based site, our traffic historically dies from June through August and comes back in September. Our strongest periods range from October through May. 



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